Driver for ATMEL based wireless cards on OS X

This is a driver for ATMEL based wireless PCMCIA cards for use on Mac OS X. It is based on the GPL source of the Linux Atmel driver at Sourceforge. Scanning, WEP (40 and 104), and ad-hoc networks are supported. Closed networks (SSID broadcast disabled) are probably not supported.

Currently this driver only works on two cards for certain: The SMC 2632W V.2, and the Belkin F5D6020 V.2. The SMC 2632W V.3 is intended to work but is untested. Installation is simple: simply follow the directions on the install image .

Click here for the 10.2 and 10.3 install image

Click here for the 10.4 install image

Install images contain the driver, the installer, the support applications, the preference pane, and the GPL source and build tools.

Highlights of changes since last release:

Release Notes for version 2.0b1

Release Notes for version 1.1b4

Release Notes for version 1.1b3

Release Notes for version 1.1b2

Release Notes for version 1.1b1

Upgrading users will find it necessary to restart after upgrading due to the name change.