Zip Infinity Carbon & Nitfol Carbon

For those who play IF on the bleeding edge

This software is totally unsupported. Bug reports may be sent to me, but I may not respond to them. Please do not send any bug reports to the original authors based on the behavior of these ports.

Zip Infinity Carbon

Zip Infinity Carbon is the first (as far as I know -- and it dates back to DR1, so I'd bet on it) native OS X Z Machine interpreter. It uses the Carbon interfaces and was built under Metrowerks CW 5 (because Metrowerks refused to deliver the CW6 they promised me, but that's another story) with a custom-modified MSL library. It still uses the venerable application skeleton TransSkel, also partially Carbonized. It uses the Carbon Preferences manager, and makes some slight use of the Carbon Event manager and Menu Manager.

Known bugs

  1. Show: box doesn't work right in Navigation (file chooser) dialogs
  2. More to come...

Here is -- have fun

Nitfol Carbon

Evin Robertson's Nitfol is a Specification 1.0 Z-Machine interpreter with an interface based on Andrew Plotkin's Glk library. It has plenty of extras, like debugging and auto-mapping. Since it was based on Glk, porting it to Carbon required little more than a carbonized Glk library. I changed one other thing; Nitfol Carbon is able to read a "Nitfol Prefs" file in your Preferences folder (~/Library/Preferences under X). This file has the same format as the .nitfolrc or nitfol.cfg on other platforms, except that groups do not work (the only group is [Nitfol]).

Known bugs

  1. You'll probably need to select "All Files" to get a Zcode file to import
  2. Calls itself MaxZip in a few places.
  3. Fails to respond to Quit AppleEvent (and thus application menu Quit item -- use File Menu Quit item)
  4. More to come...

Here is the Nitfol Carbon executable

And here is the Nitfol source and documentation, as required by the GPL.

The object code to the Carbonized Glk library needed by the Carbonized Nitfol.

The source code to the Carbonized Glk library.