According to "Computerra" or "KOMP'yuterra", apparently a Russian online news magazine, this is what I have to say on the Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the DMCA:

The pair of problems here here appears. First, probably the mass of people attempts to develop khakeroupornyy soft, including Of michrosoft and Adobe. In the second place, similar reasonings rest on the assumption that the development by strong DRM is structural/design, and the development of tools for its elimination is destructive. I assume/set, everything proceeds vice versa; DRM auto is destructive, it is destructive for the rights of buyer. Elimination DRM restores these rights. It also restores for the buyer the possibility to make the things, which it would not follow, - this is the inevitable side effect, which brings us to the third problem, i.e., the impossibility to build khakeroupornoye DRM on the platform PK for reading the book should be deciphered, and either the key/wrench of cipher or the deciphered product they will be accessible to notorious khakeru.

OK, this is actually a babelfish translation back to English of a (presumably human) translation into Russian of my remarks. It's amusing anyway.

The "original" Russian.

The original English.